Company Culture

Enterprise spirit


Professional- Professional is the core, professional requirements we select professional talents, focus on the mold industry construction with a professional attitude, and create a competitive mold manufacturing enterprise


People-oriented- people are the principle, people require us to focus on the construction of the workforce in a collaborative spirit, pay attention to the growth of employees, and create a platform for employees to have a sense of belonging and development prospects.


Efficient- Efficient is the foundation, and efficiency requires us to adopt an intelligent time management mode to improve work efficiency and reduce time cost while staying on the ground.


Science and technology- science and technology are connotations. Science and technology require us to conform to the development trend of the times, adhere to the scientific and technological line, and let modern core technology be used by me.


Innovation- Innovation is the soul. Innovation requires us to constantly think and practice, and constantly create new solutions. Each challenge is a leap to ourselves.

Our Mission

Create value that enhances customer competitiveness

Corporate vision

Create a world-class precision mold
manufacturing company

Core values of the company

Sustain, grateful, responsible, sharing

HKY mold can provide services ranging from product design to prototyping of hand plate and mould manufacturing, injection moulding,etc.