Engineering strength

Precision mold making

HKY has a professional and experienced team of die engineers, we are proficient in export die standards (such as DME/HASCO), HKY die export proportion reaches 70%. Our engineers use some latest technology and processes to provide excellent service, parts quality, accuracy and delivery speed, to ensure that the highest standards are always met.

Our engineers usually delve into the customer's parts files and perform the following analysis:


Make sure that there is no undercut on the part; any interference with the die action, surface texture or sufficient drawing angle for the part to pop up.


Design appropriate die action according to need. The optimum position of injection gate, the optimum type of gate, the optimum section area of gate and the balance of runner of multi-cavity die are determined.


Determine the water cooling and its position to ensure that heat transfer is sufficient to make the temperature of the die cavity side and core side as uniform as possible, and to ensure that part of the heat on the cavity or core is not protected.



Ensure that there are enough vents on the die and that there is no air trap during high-speed forming.