Factors affecting the shrinkage of plastic products

There is the influence of plastic structure on shrinkage rate of plastic products.

1.Thick-walled plastic parts shrink more than thin-walled plastic parts.The shrinkage rate of most plastic 1mm thin-walled parts is greater than the shrinkage rate of 2mm, which is due to the increased resistance of the melt in the mold cavity.

2. The shrinkage rate of plastic parts with inserts is smaller than without inserts.

3. Plastic parts with complex shapes have a smaller shrinkage rate than simple shapes.

4. The shrinkage rate of plastic parts in the height direction is generally smaller than that in the horizontal direction.

5. The shrinkage of slender plastic parts in the length direction is small.

6. The shrinkage rate of the length direction of the plastic part is smaller than that of the thickness direction.

7. The shrinkage of the inner hole is large, and the shrinkage of the shape is small.

Post time: Jul-28-2020