Influencing factors of shrinkage of plastic products

What effect does the mold structure and plastic properties have on the shrinkage rate of plastic products? Let’s take a look.

There are the effects of mold structure on shrinkage of plastic products.

1.The size of the gate is large, and the shrinkage rate is reduced.

2.The shrinkage rate of the vertical gate direction decreases, and the shrinkage rate of the parallel gate direction increases.

3. The shrinkage rate far from the gate is smaller than near the gate.

4. The shrinkage rate of the plastic part with mold restriction is small, and the shrinkage rate of the unrestricted plastic part is large.

There are the effects of plastic properties on the shrinkage of plastic products.

1.The shrinkage rate of crystalline plastics is greater than that of amorphous plastics.

2. Plastics with good fluidity have low molding shrinkage.

3. When fillers are added to plastics, the molding shrinkage rate is significantly reduced.

4. Different batches of the same plastic have different molding shrinkage rates.

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Post time: Jul-31-2020